Your Innocence is Mine, Digital Antagonist

Pillar of Severity


7 foot tall Graphite Drawing of Kylie Jenner

Billions of dollars are spent every year by major advertisement companies to control the minds of women and influence their behaviors. They are masterful in psychological conditioning which creates a robotic society where women are under severe hypnosis without even knowing, and they create our wants and desires. 

The social pressures put on young women that have been part of our culture for many years are now becoming amplified by social media and so called "influencers" who become idolized and looked up to for inspiration. 

Because of this, it is easy to feel lost and never good enough. I created this piece to awaken people, so they can take a step back and see reality from a different perspective, one that may help to understand what it means to connect within, it’s not about being “spiritually trendy” it’s about upgrading conscious thought.


Yang of the Tree of Polarity

Pillar of Wisdom


Graphite Drawing of an African child diagnosed with Kwashiorkor coming from the Holographic Universe. The lack of protein and severe dehydration cause the bloated stomach, 80% of the children properly treated early enough recover completely. Even with terrible health condition, the child has is third eye wide open and decalcified. His intuition is divine and he walks through life with a green scarab on his harm which symbolize that life has not yet come into existence, a symbol of transformation, protection and resurrection. His skeleton is breaking free with the 12 Zodiac constellations on his skull, he is all of them.