House of Orion

House of Orion is Los Angeles’ new premier conscious art gallery founded by Marie-Pier Tremblay and Julian Prolman. This art-house showcases original works from both avant-guard and classically trained artists. 

House of Orion pushes transcendent boundaries by promoting spiritual and provocative imagery created by uncommon, other-world and mystical art. Exhibits will include paintings, drawings, photographs, films, digital art and sculptures. 



Marie-Pier Tremblay is a French Canadian of partial Moroccan heritage who is based in L.A. and is creating a new artistic niche of surreal art to inspire conscious awakening. She is a polymathic creative with a diverse repertoire that includes poetry, drawing, photography, modeling, art direction and visual storytelling. Best of all, she is a free-spirited human with an intense passion for capturing the raw emotions of life through profound imagery in nature that can provoke the strongest of desires to escape the excesses of our modern realities.



Julian Prolman is an artist and entrepreneur from San Francisco, he studied fine art and fashion in London and later built the worlds 1st Eco Fashion House, Ministry of Tomorrow, with the company’s flag ship factory located in Nairobi Kenya. He is the art director and visionary behind several fashion campaigns and has linked up  Marie-Pier Tremblay to create House of Orion.